Site survey & space planing

After a site visit we will propose you a work plan where your ideas will come to life in your space.

Budget guidelines

Manage and find the best contractors to fit your budget depending on your project.


We provide you with front and side elevation plans for a better idea of the final result of your project.

3D drawings

See your project come to life on screen before giving your final approval.


We find the best contracting services for your false ceilings, floorings, partitions and lights.

Supervision and coordination

Libre Design assures a dynamic supervision and coordination of your design projet.

After sales service

Includes careful relocation of your products if you are moving to another place.


We offer three to four years of warranty depending on items.

Delivery and installation

We will make sure that delivery and all installation are done with minimum delay.


See our latest work.

Please take a moment to view some of our projects. While most of the work were carried out by us from the ground up, we also collaborated with external contractors working for our client. We do everything from your false ceilings, floorings, partitions and lights.

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